Less Hassle Travel With Inverness Baggage

By Martin Hardie

An adventure in Scotland should be filled with breath-taking landscapes, exhilarating summer and winter pursuits on the side of mountains, and warm convivial hospitality at the hands of naked-kneed Scots. It shouldn’t have to include dragging suitcases all around the country when you could be enjoying our famous landscapes, landmarks, and libations. You might have known that Inverness Taxis can get you where you’re going, but did you know that Inverness Baggage can get your luggage and equipment to anywhere in the country without the need for you to accompany it?

Inverness Baggage is a luggage transfer service that can move items across Scotland, so you don’t have to. You shouldn’t have to be lugging suitcases around our towns and cities when you could be walking fancy-free through the streets, enjoying the sights and sounds of what the destination has to offer. Just fill in the online form letting Inverness Baggage know where to pick up from and where to drop-off, and then the local drivers and guides will do the rest for you. We can pick up your luggage at the airport and then have it waiting for you at the hotel whilst you make the most of your time here.

The luggage service can also move food and clothes from rest point to rest point if you’re on one of the many great trails and hikes around Scotland that keeps visitors coming back year after year. There is no need to be carrying extra food, drink, and equipment on your back that’s to be used three stops along the road when Inverness Baggage can drop off whatever you need at your next stop and you can spend that energy saved enjoying the wilds of Scotland and have your hands free to snap even more jaw-dropping photographs for folks back home.

If you’re headed up a mountain for some snowy thrills or cycling through our fair nation, we can move your equipment from the airport to your accommodation and save you having to get large items like bicycles, snowboards and skis from point to point. A popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts is Ben Nevis, but if you fly into Inverness Airport, Ben Nevis is about 70 miles south! With Inverness Baggage we can get the equipment to your accommodation or base camp and you can float down the road, enjoying majestic scenery like Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle, knowing that your equipment is in safe hands and where it is at all times with real-time GPS tracking, so you can be sure your items will meet you when you need it, and not weigh you down before you do.

Fill in the online form for a quote or call 0800 40 20 10 to speak to someone about making your trip more convenient.