Luggage Safety Tips When Travelling to Inverness

Having a lot of luggage when travelling to Inverness for your 2 weeks or 1-month vacation can be a hassle. Have a luggage handling company in Inverness take care of it. Here are tips on how to keep your things safe.

Worried about keeping your luggage safe when you’re bound to take a long vacation abroad? Do you want to stop at a store immediately after you long plane ride and grab some snacks but you’re afraid you can’t because of your luggage? How do you stop your bags from being stolen or be tampered with?

Here we share tried and tested tips on keeping your luggage safe while you travel overseas.

Keeping Your Luggage Safe – Things to Do Before You Go

There are two general things you can do to ensure your luggage’s safety when you travel: Get the right luggage for your stuff and plan how to use it safely when you’re on the road.

  1. Choose the Right Bag

When you are about to go on a long vacation, plan the things you need to carry with you and from there, choose the right luggage. If possible, take just one luggage so it won’t be difficult for you to watch over your things.

If you have a lot of stuff, then carry a 30-kg luggage and just a single hand carry bag. This lowers the risk of losing your stuff at the airport. Carry your own stuff when you reach the airport or let a trusted luggage handling company in Inverness like the Inverness Baggage manage your bag.

  1. Check the Quarantine Laws

Be aware of quarantine laws and make sure you’re not importing illegal substances. Also, be sure to carry the allowable size of certain items like perfume, toothpaste, medicine, etc.

  1. Always use luggage straps, zip locks, and padlocks to secure your luggage

Luggage straps aren’t replacements for a secure lock and so as zip ties, But sometimes zip ties are incredibly useful for making sure your bags aren’t tampered with. You can easily cut them off, but they prevent easy access for opportunists.

You can also use coloured ties for extra identification, making it easier for you to recognize your bag .

If your bag arrives on an airport carousel with the cable ties missing or the colour combination changed, call for the airport security and report the tampering. This prevents the chance that someone plants contraband in your luggage.

  1. Get travel insurance in case you lose something

Lost luggage is very inconvenient. If you don’t take any travel insurance, your valuables can’t ever be replaced. To ease the pain, make sure you get the right level of insurance cover, especially if you’re carrying expensive cameras, laptops, or smartphones.

Choose an insurance policy that covers theft during international travel.

  1. Prepare a backup plan when you lose your stuff

When you bring along only one luggage in your travel and you lose it, then it will be very inconvenient for you during your vacation. You might lose everything including your shoes, clothes, bags, gadgets, and other necessities so you’ll have to buy again everything that you need for the trip.

Place all your valuables and necessities in your hand-carry bag so if you ever lose your luggage, at least you have the most expensive ones and the basics secure.

Keeping Your Luggage During Travel

  1. Never Leave Your Bag Unattended at the Airport

The Inverness Airport is heavily populated every day with thousands of people coming in and out of it. At the beach, in a café, or even the airport lounge, always keep your luggage with you or have a trusted travelling companion mind it for you. Make sure your hotel room is secure and take advantage of the hotel safe.

If you think you can’t contain your excitement when you arrive at the airport, then it will be safer if you book luggage transport with a reputable luggage handling company in Inverness like Inverness Baggage.

If you think you can’t ensure the safety of your valuables when you travel because you are coming with kids that you need to attend to, then find a luggage storage company in Inverness where you can have it delivered. Then ask them to deliver the luggage to your hotel when you arrive. This makes it more convenient and safer for you.

Now if you leave your luggage in your room so you can embark on day tours, be sure to lock up the zips so you’d know when someone tried to open your bag while you are away. Although someone could steal the whole bag, the aim is to make it more difficult for any opportunistic thief, as trying to cut a lock off is quite difficult.

Thieves can act with extraordinary alacrity and your bag can vanish or have stuff selectively swiped from it in the blink of an eye. Always keep your passport and money in your hand-carry bags. Never leave them behind even in hotel vaults.

If you’re sitting in a café or restaurant, slip the strap of your bag around your chair leg or secure it to the table where you can see it.

  1. Take a daypack with you to use when you go on day tours

Don’t leave the zips undone or pockets flapping open. This makes it easy for pickpockets to steal your gear.

In crowded areas, like markets or train stations, it’s wise to wear your daypack on the front – you might look a bit uncool hugging your bag, but at least it’s not exposed to the world. People often think that they could tell if someone was reaching into their bag, but this isn’t always the case.

Handbags should be worn across the body with the strap diagonally over one shoulder. Don’t let your bag hang loosely from your shoulder as this makes it an easy target for a snatch-and-run thief.

Final Words

Keeping your things safe is easy when you know how to do it. This is why we put up this list as your guide.

Remember this basic rule: zip and lock your bag and put your valuables in your handbag.

Book with Inverness Baggage to pick up and deliver your luggage safely to your hotel, and if you need to, store it before you arrive in the city for your ultimate Inverness vacation.