Tips for Packing Smart on Your Inverness Walking Holiday

Walking in the treks of or near Inverness like the Loch Ness 360 is generally a pleasant experience. This trail is a circular route covering several towns that you can explore. Tourists love going on walking holiday in this route since they are already able to experience awesome things along the trail like a town hop, whisky experience on every town, shopping, food trip, and so on.

Many people are coming to this loop to have their cycling or walking adventure. For cyclers, they usually finish the loop for 15 hours. But for walkers, they usually take 5-7 days to finish this the trek. With a couple of days on the road, it will be such a hassle to bring a lot of stuff with you as you walk. Good thing, there’s now a luggage transport company in Inverness you can rely on – the Inverness Baggage.

But even with a luggage transport service available to help you with your things, there’s still a couple of stuff you need on the way. With this in mind, we are giving you a comprehensive guide to what you should be packing for your walking holiday in Inverness.

Here we reveal the art of lighter packing when setting off for a walking holiday. The benefits of reduced packing for a walking holiday include the possibility of cutting down on your luggage costs on flights and luggage transport service with Inverness Baggage. If you are planning to backpack, and carry all your own clothing and kit with you as you walk, it is even more important that you pack light and take only the essentials for a hiking tour.

How to Pack Smarter

1. Keep it small
If you are flying, choose to limit the size of your rucksack or suitcase. If it is practical to do so, you could pack a rucksack or suitcase that can be included as hand luggage only on a flight. If your case is small then you can only pack what you can fit into the space.

2. Make a list
Write a list of all the essentials for your walking holiday. Then pack these one by one and do not be tempted to add in extra items.

3. The “pack and halve” rule
If you have gone “off-list” when packing take a good hard look at what you have actually packed. Many people find that they can pack once, then halve the amount of items when they pack a second time. Think about exactly what you will need, rather than what you might need.

4. Wash while away

You can cut the amount of clothes that you take by packing several small sachets of travel wash. It might take a bit of time while on holiday to wash a few clothes but it seriously saves on weight when packing. An alternative is to seek out laundry services in hotels or towns as you travel.

5. Double up
Pack “versatile” or “dual-purpose” clothing. For example, zip-off walking trousers can be shorts for walking in during the day and zipped back together for evening wear trousers. Other similar items include jackets that zip off to become gilets and windproof jackets that can be worn as outer layers ondry and cooler days or as a mid-layer on a colder, wetter day.

6. Something smarter
Many walking baselayers are good looking enough to wear out for a meal in the evening. Reserve a smart baselayer for wearing after showering each evening out – and keep in mind that you can also wear this top for walking if the need arises.

Things to Pack

I- The Bag
In this kind of long walking holiday, you’ll need two bags; a small day-pack rucksack for the essentials you want to take on the trail, and an overnight bag.
Your day pack is the bag you carry with you on your walk containing food, water, spare clothes, cameras etc. It can be anything from 15 – 40 litres capacity. It should be a rucksack with a waistband to help distribute the weight and support your posture and back, and if you can get one with a chest strap even better. A helpful extra is a built-in rain cover, although you can buy a waterproof liner bag to fit any rucksack too. A good daypack should have a waist strap and ideally chest strap.
Overnight bag
Your overnight bag should be a maximum of 20kg. Rucksacks are often more manageable for the baggage team to handle, although you can take any bag for this. Bear in mind you won't have access to this during the day.

II – Boots
Good walking boots are an absolute must. Don’t try to walk in the Cotswolds in anything other than hiking boots or shoes. We would recommend boots for their extra ankle support and more protection from the elements, but for some people, walking shoes are more comfortable, and comfort is the end goal. If you are buying new boots, head to an excellent outdoor retailer who will give you advice, and make sure you gradually wear them in before starting the trail.

III- Socks
There is no point spending money on boots and then not using the right socks. Wearing one pair of good quality walking socks is ideal, and take a minimum of two pairs on your trip and preferably four as max.

Sample Packing List for Your Inverness Walking Holiday

I – Essential clothing
* Walking boots/shoes
* 2-4 Pairs of good quality walking socks
* 3 Baselayer tops – thermal/ Merino Wool
* 1-2 x Mid-layer tops – fleece
* 2 Trousers (or 1 trouser and 1 shorts)
* Hat for warmth or shade
* Gloves
* Waterproof and breathable jacket
* Waterproof trousers
* 1 extra warm layer – natural or synthetic down vest or mid-layer is a great extra
* Casual clothes and footwear for evenings. A couple of outfits and a comfortable lighter pair of shoes to give your feet a rest from the walking boots should suffice.
* Nightwear and underwear

II – Essential extras
* Day rucksack + waterproof cover or liner bag
* Water bottle
* Sunglasses and sun screen
* Toiletries
* Small first aid kit with prescribed medication and blister plasters
* Insect repellent
* Antiseptic gel or wipes
* Washing detergent for handwashing clothes
* Electrical socket adapter (non-UK walkers)
* Phone and charger
* Camera and charger
* Map and compass
* Binoculars
* Notebook and pen to record your experiences
* Energy snacks
* Walking poles

* Extra rechargeable battery pack for your phone
* Neckwear/headscarf, for example, a “Buff.”
* Thermal or fleecy cold-weather trousers or tights

This guide is helpful for your smart packing when you decide to go on a walking holiday in Inverness.
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